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News Mon 02 Sep 2019


Parents beware!! Stealing of babies is no longer being done when the mum is away.There are gangs operating in broad daylight in the full glare of the public and in the mothers presence.They will mostly be found in public transport.

They move in a gang and once they spot the target, a respectable looking woman will start shouting that the young mother is a thief and has stolen the baby.The others will join in and start supporting her.By this time, everyone will believe them because they are so convincing in their accusation.

They will do anything to distract their prey and alerting the public.They will start pulling the woman's hair, hitting her and saying things like"you have finally been caught".

In this mayhem and hoolabaloo, one of the gang members will start taking the baby away pretending to rescue him/her.The young woman and the public will ofcourse be confused at this stage.

One such operation failed to materialize when when the gang struck in a public service vehicle .Only this time there happened to be traffic policemen in the vicinity and were it not for him, the baby would have been stolen never to be seen again.A woman started accusing the mother of having stolen the baby.One of the gang memebers had already started taking the baby away from the mother and the traffic policeman just arrived in the nick of time.

The traffic policeman took both women to a police station and after questioning, the woman who started all the chaos was arrested and the mother was let go after proving the baby was hers.Apparently she was going to pick the baby's birth certificate and she had all the necessary documentation to prove that the child was hers.

During interrogation alot was revealed by the woman that was arrested.She disclosed that indeed she is in a gang that steals childrten, sells them to an agent who later goes and sells children in  Tanzania.From there, some are sold to childless couples, others are used for organ donations and others for sex trade.

therefore let us be alert.The next time you see a distraught looking mother who is being accused of child theft,  please do not just look on as her child is being taken away.You can help by raising awareness or even suggesting they sort it out at the police station and mobilize enough people to accompany them.

Please please lets not look as our children are being stolen and then being sold off as commodities and from there only God knows what happens to their innocent little souls. It is indeed a wicked wicked world!

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