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News Wed 18 Sep 2019

Atrocious Crimes by Street Urchins

A walk through the streets of Nairobi, street Children ‘Chokoras’ are strewn to different corners of the CBD, creating disturbance to people going about their normal businesses. Nearly, all the streets and avenues of Nairobi register a number of chokoras who normally assemble in clusters sniffing glue and preying on their potential clients. This is the opposite of the good old days of the city under the sun.

There have been cases where these children were witnessed forcefully extorting money from passersby who easily cooperate for fear of being attacked. Ladies are the most vulnerable victims of street urchin attacks,case example in 2018, they ganged and raped up a lady at River Road as crowds cheered and jeered in broad daylight.

These street children position themselves in strategic areas to prey and attack potential clients. In another case at Ngara-Pangani Bridge a lady was forced to give out cash as she was confronted by a number of street urchins. They also take advantage of areas like food joints, supermarkets, restaurants, Dark alleys and places with big projected LCD billboards.

At food joints these children forcefully grab whatever foods customers carry and run away with it. A confession by some reformed street children confirm their behaviors, alluding these vices to drunkenness and glue sniffing.  They further revealed how they targeted scantily dressed drunk women who are dragged towards the dark alleys taking advantage of their defenseless situations.

The street urchins have also been used as conduits by drug peddlers to supply their clients with drugs so as to avoid detection by law enforcers. Some of the reformed children agreed to have peddled drugs that include cannabis, heroine, glue and some other hard substances they couldn’t identify. The children sell the drugs to others who are part of the network or to those that consume them.

The same street children are also used as channels to ferry the proceeds of crime from one point to another using their dirty clothes and sacks to evade detection from security and other law enforcement agencies.

Street kids have been cited in the occasion indulging in despicable acts of bestiality with the dogs that they are seen walking around with. The dogs are fully used to the act that they don’t raise any alarm and none of the street urchins have ever been bitten by the dogs which would eventually have devastating effects on health as bestiality with animals can cause zoonotic diseases. They also engage in acts of homosexuality amongst the family members to quench their sexual desires.


It is sad that cartels use these vulnerable children to carry out crime and enhance their selfish interests. Everyone has a duty to protect these children from individual to the Government. If this trend continues the city is likely to witness an increase in pick pocketing, rape incidents and drug peddling amongst other vices.

There is need for the Nairobi City Council to come up with punitive measures to restrain contact of street urchins inside the CBD.



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