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News Wed 25 Sep 2019

Kenya's Worrying Trends

Kenya’s Worrying Trends

  • High rate of unemployment among the youth/high cost of living.
  • High levels of corruption.
  • Gender based violence and violence against women.
  • Gold scams and money laundering.
  • Drug abuse and Alcoholism.
  • Child and Human trafficking.
  • Poaching.
  • Illicit trade and counterfeiting.
  • Food security.
  • Incitement and hate speech.


Unemployment among the youth/High cost of living.

According to the World Bank report, the rate of unemployment amongst the youth in Kenya is among the highest in the world, 1 in every 5 youths is jobless forcing the youth to engage in desperate means in order to get gainful employment.

High level of corruption

A weak Judicial system and regular extortion and facilitation of payment demands by state officials represent the major corruption risks in Kenya.

This is caused by our decaying morals where everyone is seen too busy amassing wealth for their immediate family.

Gender based violence and violence against women

We are no longer the African society that could even discipline a neighbor’s kid. We have lost our moral values as cases of homicides  hit our news headlines and social media platforms.Cases of police women being murdered have been the talk of town leaving citizens in a limbo as they ponder on how safe they are bearing the fact that those that are supposed to offer them security are the ones being killed.

Gold scams /Money laundering

As a nation, involvement in gold scams shows how greedy we have become. Is it a question of moral decay or pure greediness for quick riches? The gold scam has reached alarming levels as unsuspecting foreigners are being swindled off large amounts of money by fraudsters. Money laundering has been cited to occur in informal and formal sectors promoting criminal activities, this is because the criminals retain proceeds from their criminalities.

Drug Abuse/Alcoholism

This has become the silent killer in Kenya. With shifting social factors, tough financial times and scorching unemployment rates, many are sent into depression ending up in drug abuse and alcoholism.


Cartels are killing animals which are our heritage mercilessly and trading their organs to international markets. It has been a lucrative business from time immemorial.

Child Trafficking

Going by the recent revelations on social media platforms, it is bewildering that people pretend to be taking care of the vulnerable who include sick children but end up trading them for personal benefit. In turn the children are taken abroad and end up being used for organ harvesting

Illicit trade

Illicit trade become the latest security scare, as it involves food and materials that Kenyans consume directly and on a daily basis. It has thus affected the health of the consumers, businesses and revenue collection.

Food Security

Are we food secure?? 70% of our households derive their livelihoods from agriculture and agriculture related activities. The delayed rains and low rainfall experienced in the country has had a negative effect on our food security.

Incitement and hate speech

In this modern time and age, why should Kenyans allow the political leaders to incite communities against each other? Why should Kenyans accept to listen to hate speech from their leaders? A paradigm shift is what Kenyans need to have for unity in a country.






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