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News Mon 30 Sep 2019

War On Illicit Trade


Corruption and fabrication of the best things gives rise to the worst and countries that have the best economic growth are those that have good governance coming from ending corruption and having a populace that can go online and say, ‘This politician is corrupt, this trade is illicit or these goods are counterfeit.

Kenya is different, corruption here is like a ball of snow increasing its rolling intensity as it dawns. Purchasing of fake goods by businessmen and in turn selling them to unsuspecting buyers has become an unquestionable norm since it’s a routine in their line of business.

Seized cosmetic products in Nairobi, River Road Area

It is tacitly supported by legislators and our Criminal Justice System who advise those caught in the scams how to respond and fight the very allegations made against them.

This has left a lot of people thinking of the possible measures that need to be put in place. From relevant sources, huge amounts of public funds are being sent into the bribery network daily making the fight against illicit trade an uphill task.

Public office should win public trust but corruption has won and justice has lost. Several mega corruption and illicit trade scandals are erupting by the day.

Corruption and illicit tradecases brought forward in good faith involving powerful people end up inblatant cover-upsprovided by thepolitical and legal establishments.

The youth, their beauty and the loss of soul is without a thought replaced by money, making our vulnerabilities as a country easy to study. Defending the indefensible, a smart “investor” thief would always want to contemplate the source of income and goods for his business but instead they want to get them in all the wrong places.

Destruction of counterfeit wines and spirits in Nairobi

This year alone, a number of cases of counterfeits doubling to illicit trade have been reported. Backgroundchecks indicate thatKenya has lostKsh 1 trillion through illicit trade practices hence affecting revenue collection immensely.

Multi agencies have been formed countrywide to help eradicate and curb illicit trade where different sectors of our economy are involved. Suspected sale of counterfeit products and, substandard commercial goods production and unaccustomed goods are posing health dangers translatingrisks to the society.

Seized bottled water and fruit juice at Marurui in Zimmerman, Nairobi.

Contraband sugar turns out to be the latest emerging trend in the nation so far. From the cocoons of sugar warehouses are thousands of sacks of the sweet precioussugar unfit for human consumption found with traces of mercury, copper and lead, that are cancerous.They are repackaged,resealed in packets bearing names of the locally manufactured brands.

Seizure of contraband sugar at the DCI HQ Kiambu road.

Continuous crackdownsby the relevant agencies all over the country are on-goingand, some of the guilty ones have been arraigned and charged in a court of law for various offences in the chain of illicit trade.


Counterfeit goods have infiltrated our markets hence the need for us Kenyans to be vigilant and avoid purchasing any illicit goods so that we can avert our country from job losses brought about by closing down of our local manufacturing companies.




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