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Lifestyle Tue 15 Oct 2019

Weakening Stronger Sex


The Standard cartoon above by Gado dated 12th March depicts the true picture of what the boy child goes through on day to day basis.The cartoon of a boy with eyes wide open and barefooted seemingly trying to figure out how he will shoulder the heavy burden of being a boy child. The boy is being told to grow up, toughen up… you’re on your own man-up…don’t be a cry baby… be a man. Go out and conquer the world… don’t be a sissy.

In the beginning of March this year, one of the thugs shot dead at Parklands was found with a note that read “Should I die, ***** should be blamed for my death. I will have died finding money for her.” Regrettably he died hustling the wrong way. The “stronger sex”is facing his greatest undertakingand it has reached an elastic point and the boy child is losing it. Jobs are hard to come by and they resort to toiling hard in a derailed manner.

There are places like in the slums where being a jobless young man pullulates many problems.Many a times the boy-child of Kayole and other eastlando areas has become prey. He is hunted down by police as a result of being unemployed. Young men from Matopeni have found themselves oscillating between police cells and their Matopeni ghetto. Yes, some may subscribe to the terror groups in the name of kutafuta but in unlawful ways.

One of the young men in a story ran in one of the dailies, said a chance of him acting in a play melted away after he was thrown in jail yet he had not committed any crime or belonged to any gang. He couldn’t sign a contract as a result of being in police cells. Meaning he will continue being tossed between his mtaa and police cells and continue being jobless for as long as God knows. Will the jobless boy child ever have a safe haven?

Parents often find themselves at odds about how to guide their sons or could it be ignorance? Most parents want their sons to be unique but they aren’t there to give them a roadmap. The backgrounds of the innumerable encounters that the boy child faces are deeper and more diverse than what people apprehend.

The society has dictated that a man is brought up in a firm role as a protector and benefactor of the home. A boy child may not be able to ingizaa girl child kwabox if he can’t be able to put something on the table. The community is rotten to a point that a man without a job has no status in society and it is driving the boy child into engaging in illicit affairs like cybercrime, drug trafficking and thuggery.

Many have crafted foggy ways of siphoning money from innocent Kenyans or even from banks.

 In the previous years, Alex Mutuku used his computer expertise to hack into the taxman’s system that led to a loss of Sh4 billion.  What could have prompted him to do so? This is because as a man he is expected to perform; to attest his status in society by having money. If he doesn’t, then he is a malenge.

In November 2017, two brothers, engineering graduates managed to steal a whooping Sh52 million from a bank in Thika. They had good career courses that the community expects them to be earning good money.The fact that that wasn’t actualizing they used their “smart” ways to get money. And as Gado says in the cartoon, “don’t be a cry baby,be a man…” the two brothers tried to be real men.

It’s intimidating and scary that respect is tied to the job the boy child is doing.  Some of the times a police will give much respect to a man who is decently dressed and may not be mishandled compared to a man one who is shaggy yet he may not mean any harm.  

As reported in the media a youth working as a mason in Kayole ended up in police cells under unclear circumstances as he came from work.

Many of the times men have crossed the line of legality by engaging themselves in dirty businesses and even go to the extent of deceiving their parents or partners that they have decent jobs in the city. Reason? The identity of a man is linked having a productive occupation. To earn the respect, he has to provide for the lady.

A few days ago someone on Instagram joked “Madem wa zamani wakiamka wana washa jiko, wa siku hizi wanawasha data.” Some ladies have raised the bar too high for the men. They only sit pretty expecting the man to provide everything. Some can’t do mere laundry work.

Gone are the times when the boy child used to find pride in protecting the girl child in society that is slowly going down the drain as he is turning against the sister or girl in the street. Some of the boys have found girls to be an easy target by robbing them off their valuables. Isn’t the boy child just losing focus?

The boy child will hate himself for failing to hit the target or prove his status. He is on his own and he has to man-up…he can’t be a cry baby. He has to suck it up.

Engaging in unlawful acts is just not right and the boy child is in a deep confusion. He has to paddle through, the bloody waters; killed by the bullet or waste the man power in jail. 

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