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News Tue 22 Oct 2019

Flourishing Crimes Under The Prominent Watch

Flourishing Crimes Under the ‘Prominent’ watch.

Kenya has been cited to be one of Africa’s future economic success stories because of a dynamic private sector, highly skilled work force and a growing youthful population. Nairobi County being the country’s capital has continued to grow as an economic and technological hub, serving both its citizens and the East African Community. But, the same goes for its retention of the pole position in matters crime: economic and otherwise

As expected in any growing economy, social and corporate crimes would grow in order to reap from the overall benefits of a healthy and stable society.  Since most of the function that were a reserve of the national government are now devolved, a few individuals have taken advantage of this to enrich themselves. Under the watch of prominence crimes continue to increase in the city in different sectors.

Public Toilets

Persistent wrangles and alleged corrupt dealings over the scramble for the piece of the lucrative Public toilets have been simmering since time immemorial. They have spilled from boardroom meetings and court battles to the open. Those running the toilets have initiated a culture of corruption which has even led to fights.

Public toilets spread across the city have been taken over by cartels who are operating under the blessings of current and former politicians. This has translated to the revenue collected being pocketed by the said cartels in their fight for supremacy leaving a proof of their personal investments.


Parking Cartels

A decline in parking revenue by 36% from Ksh 199 million in December 2017 to Ksh 126 million in Dec 2018 shows that the County is losing revenue through understating revenue collected, non-remittance of parking revenue, issuance of County parking stickers to unauthorized people and double printing of parking stickers. The main culprits involved are parking managers and supervisors and the technical employees who are charged with generating the stickers

Counterfeit Alcohol Supply

Racketeers seem to have established parallel distribution networks in Nairobi which accounts for 40% of the market. It is suspected that illicit brew originates from the neighboring Tanzania and Uganda. Early last year, the Anti-Counterfeit Agency teamed up with Nairobi City County in a bid to create consumer awareness and the need to review the laws and regulations to curb runaway consumption of illicit brew in the country but so far this has not been the case. Instead our prominent current and former politicians who fall under the racketeering umbrella protect their noticeable businesses a proof of their investments in different sectors.

Bribery and Money Laundering

Despite the Kenya Bankers Association coming up with new guidelines on large cash transactions and other policies, Nairobi remains the center of 90% of all money laundering cases in the country. There have been cases of Nairobi county officials under scrutiny and others being arrested within the County for transacting and layering large sums of money in a way to make it difficult for detection, a means that has made trailing of illegal proceeds hard. They go to an extent of using hawalas which have foreign ties.

This answers to our questions that there is a network that is being protected by the who is who persons in Nairobi.

Medical supplies

In the beginning of this year the county has been in the news for shortage of medical supplies in the hospitals. It is believed that some unscrupulous businessmen who are powerful politicians have been paid for the supplies which they have failed to supply. The reason for failure to supply is because of the protection they get from the county top leadership.

The county government of Nairobi continues to overlook these activities which undermines the smooth operation and service delivery to the residents. Failure to address these issues may have a negative impact on the National security as gangs thrives in operating in such environment.



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