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Lifestyle Fri 25 Oct 2019


Could you be puffing your way to the hospital?

How many times do you spare some time and check on validity and the labels written on the packaging of a product you are about to buy? Well, if you are in Nairobi, it would be advisable to start doing so. This is important especially on the fast moving consumables which exploitative traders take advantage of to make crazy profits.

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Residents of Dandora and Eastleigh have been using a new brand of mosquito coils called Wawang High Quality Mosquito Coils, made in China. It took one person’s keen eye to notice that the product does not carry any warning band or requisite customer warnings in conformity withPest Control Products board (PCPB) requirements. You see, I wouldn’t have found that out. Reason? I choose mosquito nets over burning coils in the house. I am sure I am not alone in this but there are people out there who swear by these coils. It’s what works for them. That’s the reason I’m writing this.

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It emerges that in May 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)through an advisory (FDA Order No 2017-034), warned the public against the purchase and use of Wawang High Quality Mosquito coil for its potential health hazards to consumers. The agency added that they could not guarantee the said product’s quality, efficacy and safety. Here in Kenya, Wawang cannot be found on the Pest Control Products Board (PCPB). This is an indication that the product is in the country illegally.

Para 3(effects of the illegal coils)

-Effects, skin irritation, anaphylactic shock, respiratory disorders, endocrine complications, brain damage, organ failure.

-Mosquito coil formulations contain active chemicals, collectively known as synthetic pyrethroids which if not mixed in the right ratio, can cause havoc to both humans and animals.

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It goes to say that a large population (me included), do not pay close attention to the products they use in their households especially the fast moving consumables.Personally, I have been doing this but mostly on food products because of allergies and to check on expiry dates.


Kenya has a local capacity to manufacture mosquito coils (Flower coils and Combat Coils) for the local market. This calls for the PCPB, together with other relevant authorities to investigate how a non-registered product found its way to our markets and give assurance to the local producers/suppliers who feel threatened by Chinese cheap products.







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